December 1988 advertisement

26 08 2009

This is a classic old Aubrun add. Shows first two factory flyers, Todd Corbitt and Danny Millwee, both I believe were living in SoCal at the time. What I like best about this add is the cool Mitsubishi Factory Van. Years later when I would co found Hyper Bicycles, that van was still an inspiration to my partner and myself. We also wanted a trick looking team vehicle.




4 responses

5 06 2010
nate wade

i have a 2 piece auburn frame that im willing to sell contact me at 4077027915

5 07 2010
Todd Corbitt

This is a great website. Its really cool to see the ads bikes and other details.


18 07 2010

Todd Corbitt, hrrm name sounds familiar… Moreno Valley Pro (MVP) ? Florida transplant? Made argyle socks look cool?
You know I saw you teaching at a clinic once and stole some of your teaching techniques for my clinics.
Thanks for saying hi. Got any images or stories you want me to post shoot them over to me at

22 07 2010
Daryl Hopkins

I still have a black and brass(gold) auburn cr-20 frame i love it. put it together once just to see how it rode then took it apart. Its on my shelf just looking pretty. It is the only black and gold frame i have ever seen. Had to special order it back in the day.

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