1993 Auburn BMX ad

22 01 2010

This shows a Auburn BMX advertisement. I also took closeups of the two bikes, they used different colored decals on different colored frames. What looks like yellow may have actually been neon green I’m not sure. Maybe someone with 93 decals can chime in.




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13 05 2011

I used to have this bike in black and it was my prized possesion. I had it from new and it chose me from the shop window, I popped out to get a new shirt and ended up with the most perfect bmx ever made. I loved it for 5 years and leant it to my younger brother for one day and it got stolen. No way his fault at but I have always lusted after a reunion. I want this bike back in my life

Would you know how to go about finding one?

13 05 2011

eBay and maybe Craigslist the best bets. But eBay it will surely come up. Good luck, hope you find one one day. I know what you mean about the bike choosing you. For months I saw this green Schwinn Stingray in the window of the local Schwinn shop in Trenton, NJ. I begged my dad to get it to no avail. Then on my birthday he surprised me! That bike choose me for sure.

23 06 2011
Troy Ferguson

i currently own an auburn It may not be completely all original but for the right price it might be available for sale i currently ride it and i think its a 90’s version. I paid good money for it and its been good to me so if ure interested i live in california e mail me using all caps on the subject ok?(lots o messages in me inbox

8 02 2012


Do you still own the Auburn? If so what size / model is it? If it’s Auburn CR20RX with the aluminum sub frame then shoot me an email.



17 05 2018
Sean Barrett

Purple frame had neon green lettering.
I raced co factory Auburn/Jimmy’s Bikes Aurora IL. 94/95. Started racing in 85 on a Kuwahara. Best bike ever was my Auburn!!!

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