1994 Auburn Bike Test

22 01 2010

In the September issue of BMX Plus! the test the 1994 Auburn CR RX. Cool test pits it against the Haro Monocoque. Hopefully you can find a download of the magazine as I have no scanner. I took these pictures with my camera.




4 responses

9 06 2011

I have a 92 Auburn, unsure exactly what the model is but the serial number tells me it is a 92. The rear is not aluminum but chromoly. I want to have this restored, but dont know what colour code to use or where to get a good picture to colour match the dayglo green or whatever it was called as I cannot remember. This site seems to have the most knowledge on the Auburn so i thought i would try here first. Any help would be appreciated

Thanks a million

9 06 2011

Well the 4130 link in those years, according to the bike ID section would be a CR 20 S.
As for the color, it was a lime green but I don’t have any color codes. If anyone does I will post a second reply, or perhaps someone will chime in.

17 07 2011

I just found my 4130, never been put together.. Crome with green tail.. Does that help??

25 07 2011

thanks guys, after much research It is a 92 CR20S team green. I have even been able to painstakingly reproduce the necessary sticker pack for all of these models using adobe. I cannot wait to get this thing completed

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