1994 Auburn BMX ad

22 01 2010

This shows a 1994 Auburn CR20 advertisement. I also show a closeup of the frame decal details as best I could with no scanner.

94 Auburn BMX ad




13 responses

9 06 2010

nice bike pal,,i used to have one in blue and one in yellow with the alloy back end,, that was back in early 90s,, if only i could have one now

5 03 2011

i have this same bike got it at a flea market but its in ok shape could use a restore buy i dont ride so its just in our middle sitting there. was gonna sell but i dont know how to take it apart

5 03 2011

What games do you play? Im a BF2 and HL2 mod gamer.
Dont need to take it apart sell it complete on Craigslist.

14 03 2011

Here are some pics of it i just took some with my phones camera…. After giving it another look i kinda dont think its worth much any more.


12 03 2011

Well im from Boston so im not sure how the scene is over here for vintage bikes that need a restore so i dont think craigslist is an option. As far as gaming goes i mostly deal in the console scene xbox 360 is doing it real big right now.

14 03 2011

I think its a good looking Auburn , thats my fave color for them. If you want the best value sell it frame and fork on ebay. That will lower shipping. The bars are not correct for as are the wheels. The cranks are heavy and just 1 piece so those while correct dont add value when you consider shipping.
Try Craigslist first. Its free and it has a Bicycles section. Just put it at what you want for the bike $250-350? or so would be what Id want.

Then if it doesnt sell, maybe try putting it on eBay with your minimum asking price and put it for Local Pick Up only. This way you can sell it complete. Id start bidding at $199 for the complete. (No shipping)

If it doesnt sell , then try taking it apart and selling the frameset with a lower opening bid. I wouldnt open it less then $99 ($29 shipping) or you risk in this economy selling it for less then youd expect.

That is if your happy with those minimums. Its really all up to your needs. Heck if you dont need the money open it for .99 cents and roll the dice.

12 05 2011

Did you sell the bike yet? I’m interested.

28 12 2012

i have one if any is interested

28 12 2012

the same one in the picture

28 11 2013

wow I remember this bike, as soon as I saw the add in bmx plus I just had 2 have it, im thinking this was around 93, I remember they had the blue one, the balck one cr,and I think the one I had was the cr x it was auburn green,i tried 2 match all the parts they had in the bmx plus, it had redline 3 piece cranks, had the seat bar thet bent back at the end, had them shock springs on my fork,i didn’t have the handel bars they had in the mag because I had a race number plate on it 07 it was that was my all time fav bike

4 12 2013

Im not totally sure of the year but I’v e got an early 90’s JR20RX Mini complete Auburn that I may be willing to let go. Top tube bend is before seat post tube. One piece frame. GT crmo forks. DK mini stem. AME grips. GT mini bars. Sugino 3pc 185 cranks with Primo pedals. Tuf-neck 40t. GT post clamp. IRC 20×1-1/8 tires. Velo saddle. Hollow chain. IF INTERESTED, LET ME KNOW.

15 10 2015
Martin Geier

Do you still have bike

16 10 2015

I’m sorry, I no longer have the Auburn.

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