1989 Auburn BMX ad

7 02 2011

This ad appeared in the November 1989 issue of “Go”. I dont have earlier issues from 1989 so Im not sure how long it was running. The ad is for a “New” model the complete CR20S. The frame set was sold as CR20. The bike complete with high end parts like the GT 3 piece alloy cranks is the CR20R. This new CR20S is a complete bike but with less expensive parts group. But note the bike in the ad still has CR20R decals. Click on the picture to see it larger.

So it is pretty clear the CR20S is probably a 89 model.




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23 02 2011

The CR20r was the top of the line model, while the CR20 was the less equipped model, mainly wheel and crank differences. The CR20s did not make its debut, as a model, until the 90’s when the works link was released. Until then Frame & Fork sets could be purchased with CR20 or CR20r decals for 189.99, there were no differences in either model.

9 11 2012

I worked for Todd Huffman,and put Auburns together!

9 11 2012

And your from New Jersey right? Garden State Greatness.

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