Auburn 2013

18 05 2013

Bob Morales, one of the original owners of Auburn (along with Todd Huffman) Is restarting Auburn. He was recently over at the track that started it all for bob, the Orange Ymca. Before Bob did Aubrun and Dyno he did BME. He was a local racer at the YMCA along with some now familar names like: Martin Aparajo, Woody Itson and some guy, Eddie something or other. Just kidding Eddie Fiola. They were just racers in those days and very cool at the track. Pretty fast also and could hold their own. Though the competition at local races in those days at the YMCA was truly like a National. I actually worked for a brief time with Martins dad. Just a fluke thing I wasnt tight with Martin.

Anyway check out the all new Auburn!

After Dyno Bob went on to start a freestyle company called Morales. The bikes still have a cult like following. Not to be confused with Robbie Morales’ Cult.




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