1995 Specifications

26 08 2009

Genes BMX has posted the 1995 Catalog here.  http://sports.webshots.com/photo/2833548980080637499vdUfnG

I cant grab the images since they are flash. Here are the highlights.


CR20 RX (Pro XL frame with 20.5 Top Tube, came with Aluminum Works Link and 1 1/8 headset with threadless fork)

CR 20 R (Pro frame with 19.5 Top Tube, came with Aluminum Works Link, 1 inch headset)

CR 20 S (Pro frame with 19.5 Top Tube, came with 4130 Tri Link, 1 inch headset)

CR 24 and JR20 RX were both 1 piece Auburns)

Works Link also now came in anodized colors of Purple, Blue and Green as well as Polished.


Janruary 1991 advertisement

26 08 2009

This add shows the bikes being distributed by GT. We all know about them. But having owned Jammer numberplates  at one time I also know the other distributors. Strickly BMX was aka Reid Rowlands of Wooden Wheels fame. Wooden Wheels was the best bike shop team ever out of Delaware, led by New Jersey fast cat Greg Ferguson. I grew up racing in NJ and PA and saw alot of the yellow and blue uniforms of Wooden Wheels. TIP Distributing was run by Gene Roden. For those that know their history know Gene was a founder of the American Bicycle Association (ABA).

Ad shows the new Alloy Back end known as the “Works Link”.

March 1988 Bike Test in BMX Action

26 08 2009

**All photos from BMX Action are property of BMX Action and Bob Osborn. Do not use or reproduce without his expressed written permission**

This bike test appeared in the March 1988 issue of BMX Action. Auburns first bike test ever. The photos taken during the day including the color shot below of the bike were taken just off the 57 Freeway in Diamond Bar, California. I was at this photo shoot.

It clearly states that this was a Prototype bike.  Since the issue was in March of 1988, these photos were probably taken late in 87. That means Auburn was born in 1987 with production probably beginning at the end of 1987 also or the start of 1988.



April 1988 Auburn BMX advertisement

26 08 2009

Old school cool. The Red Rocket.

88 Auburn CR20

December 1988 advertisement

26 08 2009

This is a classic old Aubrun add. Shows first two factory flyers, Todd Corbitt and Danny Millwee, both I believe were living in SoCal at the time. What I like best about this add is the cool Mitsubishi Factory Van. Years later when I would co found Hyper Bicycles, that van was still an inspiration to my partner and myself. We also wanted a trick looking team vehicle.


October 1990 advertisement

26 08 2009

This ad clearly states that Auburn now has come out with an Alloy back end (WorksLink). Since this advertisement is late in the year it was clearly first available on 1991 models, even if the bikes serial number was made in 1990.